Five hotel’s selection blocks in HoReCa up competition:

  1. PR

  2. Atmosphere

  3. Reception and accommodation services

  4. Room capacity

  5. Extra services

Criterion are formed and then evaluated by professional experts, restaurant owners, creators of specialized educational institutions and specialists in HoReCa. In the horeca up competition all nominations have the same methodology

80 maximum points for one block, 20 points for every sub-block, 5 maximum points for station.

The criterion check list is created my HoReCa up experts.

Екатерина Земцова, Руслан Чернобаев. hor

1.    Positions in a search systems
2.    Relevance of information
3.    Design. Fonts. Texts. An introduction to concepts of a place
4.    Manufacturability of the information: reservation, convenient navigation



Кто снимает утром ролик для эфира на #Ро

1.     Feedbacks. Reviews. Replies to letters

2.     Website content

3.     Subscribers. Quality of interaction

4.     Relevance of information


Social media and Internet platforms

Пресс-конференция Horeca UP.jpg

1.     Advertisement. Quality and quantity. Design

2.     PR activity. Periodicity of announcements

3.     Quality of press releases, photography, events

4.     Reaction to the critical professional articles



Horeca UP Fedorov Hermitage.jpg

1.    Charity events. Social responsibility
2.    Special seasonal events
3.    Collaborations- joint events as a partner
4.    The quality of events ( event management ) and information content effect



Terijoki Resort Hotel Horeca UP.jpeg

1.     Location. Compliance  between architectural solution and general building rules in this location

2.     The design of the facade. Signboard.  View from the street. Famous designers involvement. Relevance and consonance with modern trends

3.     Compliance between architectural solution and general concept of the hotel/restaurant. Compliance between the concept and architecture inside and outside

4.      Comfort for people with special needs. Security service work

Design. Architecture. Comfort.


Radisson Royal UP.jpg

1.     Correspondence between design of the placements and their functional purpose

2.     Correspondence between furniture, decorative elements in the interior and general architectural solution

3.     Neatness. Cleanliness. Freshness

4.     Usage of natural and environmentally friendly materials



Astoria hotel UP.jpg

1.     Sound level

2.     Quality

3.     Designer’s solution about the music equipment

4.     Compliance between playlist and concept



Zamok BIP.jpg

1.     Aesthetic harmony between design and decoration. Stylistic solutions. Cleanliness and tidiness

2.     Lighting in general and functional areas lighting

3.     Floral decorations, smell ( aroma)

4.     Functional safety (highlighting the stairs, doors opening direction, transparency, elevator)




1.     Entrance. Comfort door opening, security ( transparent doors, stairs). Doorman’s uniform, friendliness, greeting

2.     Location of reception from the entrance. Design, decoration of the reception desk. Size of the reception desk

3.     The number of administrators per day ( depends on the number of rooms)

4.     Employees: their appearance ( uniform, hairstyle, neatness)

Entrance and reception

Reception and accommodation services

Belmond Grand Hotel Eurpe.jpg

1.     Knowledge of languages

2.     Full awareness about hotel services and facilities

3.     Phone call answer. Custom request. Accountability to a guest

4.     Knowledge of the hotel’s surroundings, knowledge of the city. Knowledge how to use a card

Competencies of the staff

Reception and accommodation services


1.     Guest registration: new guest w/o booking, registration time.

2.     Guest with booking, registration time

3.     If there is need for fill out additional forms for check-in (-2)

4.     Focus on one guest or, if necessary, communication with several guests, eye contact


Reception and accommodation services


1.      Availability and use of standard phrases of greeting and farewell.

2.      Knowledge of the rules of guest etiquette.

3.      Work with additional requests. Hospitality.

4.      Conflict situations. Goodwill.


Reception and accommodation services

MEININGER Hotel St. Petersburg Nikolsky.

1.     Entrance, corridors, rooms: conformity with star number, concept, network brand

2.     Room size and zoning

3.     Aroma, temperature, lighting

4.     Design, color scheme, decoration


Room capacity

Pushin Courdyard.jpg

1.     Electronics: TV (size, brand, quality), telephone (landline, portable), sockets by the bed, chargers.

2.     Tea set, water - for free. Minibar - extra payment.

3.     Cosmetics for the bathroom. Terry products.

4.     Mattresses. Pillows Textile. Furniture. (Quality, style, freshness, cleanliness)


Room capacity

Dom Boutique Hotel Horeca UP.jpg

1.     Maid’s form, appearance and friendliness

2.     Trolley complete set. Is the room door open while maid is cleaning. Reaction to guests who have the wrong room

3.     Consistency, time and quality of cleaning

4.     Usage of household chemicals, detergents andequipment


Room capacity

Diplomat Hotel Horeca UP.jpg

1.      Printed informational products for guests about the services and facilities of the hotel.

2.      Printed guest information about hotel surroundings and attractions.

3.      Safe locks, chains, internal latches on the doors. Protection on the windows. Safe.

4.      Automatic fire warning and extinguishing system. Cameras in corridors and public places. Security (invisible).

Safety and comfort

Room capacity

Four seasons lion palace HorecaUP.jpg

1.     BREAKFAST. Assortment, completeness, station for preparing fresh dishes, additional menu, fruits, freshly squeezed juices. Opening hours. Travel box.

2.     A la carte. Conceptual restaurant with the appropriate menu and wine list. Room service (menu, trolley, claws, staff).

3.     Lobby bar. Range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, the possibility of hot meals. Opening hours.

4.     Banquets Number, size and design of halls. The possibility of field service. Guest reviews.


Extra services

holliday inn mosk vorota.jpg

1.     The number, design and size of the halls.

2.     Services ( included in the rental price),  additional features for video and audio equipment.

3.     Business centers with a computer access to the Internet, a printer, a scanner and other services.

4.     Early breakfast for business travelers departing on an early flight.


Extra services

spa lotte.jpg

1.      Fitness center: size, fitness equipment, security. The ventilation of the room and its cleanliness.

2.      Pool (size, design, cleanliness, safety).

3.      Jacuzzi, showers, changing rooms, individual lockers.

4.      Additional terry products (slippers, bathrobes, towels). SPA - procedures, list, cost, staff. Reviews


Extra services

Hermitage hotel UP.jpg

1.      Convenient hotel navigation with intuitive pointers.

2.      Services for children. Furniture, chairs, menus, beds, toys - interactive entertainment, children's rooms, babysitting, gifts. (The quality of all products for children).

3.      Facilities for guests with disabilities. Ramp. Elevator, wide room doors. Bathroom and plumbing (tailored)

4.      Meeting guests with pets. Smoking areas.

For guests with special wishes

Extra services

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